Insights, instantly.

Need to know what the market thinks about
an issue, product or idea? Upwire can help you find out on the spot.

Great call quality

Robo polling on an enterprise-grade SIP network with direct connectors globally.

Easy to use

Drag and drop your questions into order and set your keypad responses – no IT guy required.

Cost effective

Zero infrastructure set-up costs, pay only for voice minutes.

Elastic scalability

No capacity constraints with world-class cloud infrastructure.

Reporting & Analysis

Get insights instantly with real time reports and dashboards.

Easily split data

Split your respondents or re-order questions to get your sampling right.

Upwire communications system

Upwire lets you build brilliant surveys and more

Automate phone calls, text messages and emails 
– all in one campaign if you want.

Create messaging that engages customers with personalised content.

Split test different communication strategies.

Engage your audience in the channel they want to communicate in.

Easily set campaign workflow logic and dependancies.

Powerful and insightful reporting.

Trusted by

brands that use our communication system

Research use cases

Robo polling

Survey huge samples without a call centre. Design your call flows yourself in minutes.

SMS NPS surveys

Make the most of your sample size with sky high response rates from 2-way SMS surveys.

End of call NPS surveys

Transfer calls from agents to automated recorded surveys.

Global support. 24/7.

Our dedicated support team is here to help you, whenever and wherever you need it.

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