Our story

Founded in 2013, and with offices in Australia and North America, Upwire creates results-driven communication solutions for customer-focused companies, worldwide.

With a client base across Australia, Asia, UK, Europe and the United States, Upwire empowers users to define and execute intelligent, multi-channel workflows – no coding required. Our clients get extraordinary results, faster.

Our focus is to deliver exceptional outcomes across the entire customer lifecycle – from Onboarding & Engagement, to Payments & Collections, and Retention & Uplift.

Frustrated with traditional (cumbersome and inflexible) messaging solutions, Upwire founders, Ben Brophy and Shane Berkinshaw, knew there had to be a better way.

By enabling users to design and execute powerful, two-way, communications workflows without the need to code, Upwire opens the door to happier customers and better outcomes – with fast, flexible deployment. 

Through its intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, the Upwire Workflow Builder allows clients to create interactive communication journeys using any channel: voice, IVR, chatbots, two-way SMS, email, dynamic NanoSites®, messenger, WhatsApp… whichever work for your organisation, and give choice to your customers in terms of how they communicate with you.

We’d love to share our customer success stories with you – and demonstrate how we can help drive better results from your customer communications. Get in touch for a chat!

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